A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Competition website: tk.sg/tanktinkerer

Source code: github.com/Tinkertanker/tanktinkerer

In an arid desert, a brutal war is being waged over classified infomation. You control unmanned tanks tasked with collecting data from the enemy encampment. Can you design the perfect set of controls with your micro:bits to capture the enemy data?

  • Each team has control over two tanks.
  • You can choose from 3 different tanks, each with its own capabilities and weaknesses.
  • Your goal is to safely collect the information from the enemy base, and bring it back to yours.
  • After five minutes, the team that has collected the most data (represented by flags) will win.
  • You must use your micro:bits, over radio, to control the tanks.

Updates for version 2:

  • ULTIMATE ATTACKS! Simultaneously attack, move, rotate and shoot to trigger.
  • Feedback: When Ultimate is available, when tank takes damage, when tank dies, when flag is captured.
  • Bug Fixes: Tanks glitching out of map, not enough characters for Mac port, etc
  • Code optimisations for speed and fewer micro:bit glitches

Install instructions

Please refer to the installation instructions for getting the game working with the microbit. 


TankTinkererMac(V2).zip 33 MB
TankTinkererWindows(V2).zip 29 MB

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